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What's in a name?

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Creating stunning visuals is at the heart of what we do. As a leading corporate video production company, our mighty creatives stand out as an epitome of sight for sore eyes, assisting businesses dig at a bigger picture. That’s how the origin of our name, Prime came to life– it’s a benchmark for taking each idea to propel forward.


MGFX is now a decade old company.

In 2019 the founder of MGFX, Kamal Verma got awestruck with an amazing food for thought to expand the company and as a result we landed up with two new chapters.

MGFX Prime (to create high-quality video content for brands and start-ups) and MGFX World (to create phenomenal 3D photo realistic images and walkthroughs for architects and real estate companies on Global scale)  


We are a brand and understand what it means to be one and all it takes to stay in the game. We simply love brainstorming around things that involve art, and working with like-minded people who share similar interests. Our keen motive is to assist clients to build reputations through video content in all the places and spaces where they can make the most through brand communication.


MGFX Prime has a team of craftsmen and artists who are fully adept in visual content creation fueled by possibility. We are capable of a lot of things. But what matters most is creating quality and impactful visual content for our clients. All due efforts are centered to make you the hero of your own story.

MGFX Prime is a home of quality visuals for the digital age.

We conceptualize and produce unique visual stories.

Whether you’re looking to attract new clients or expand sales of your products or services to existing customers or raise brand awareness, a great advertising visual content is the key to enkindle.

We are a new type of video production house that aims to empower, enlighten and guide brands through the art of nuanced design, storytelling, and visual content creation.

We believe the main motive of advertising is: to make a product, brand, company, person…known, remembered and trusted in order to increase sales, usage or likeability for years.

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Kamal Verma

With a whooping 14 years of experience in visual content business

I make sure that we deliver high quality and cost-effective visual content that not only get you noticed but unavoidable.

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Carving an image of a business is the first and foremost thing, whereas enabling the business to speak up for itself is another yet the most important aspect. If you are one among us, and want to be one of a kind,

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